The Statutory Supervisor

The Statutory Supervisor

WHS background

On 31 March this year, the Work Health and Safety legislation came into effect in Western Australia. This means WA has harmonised with the rest of Australia with the exception of Victoria that still operates under its own Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) legislation.

Given the model WHS laws were developed in 2011, it has been roughly a 10-year duration for implementation in WA. Although, to be fair it was 2017 when the Premier announced that work would commence on developing modernised WHS laws for WA. So, in reality it’s been a 3-5 year process, as the Act was passed by Parliament in 2020, assented to by the Governor also in 2020, and then came into effect 2022.

Why did it take WA so long? The answer to that sits mostly with consolidating previous WA legislation and tweaking the regulations to suit WA.  The WHS Act in WA is supported by three sets of regulations:

  • Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations – applies to all workplaces except those covered by the other two sets of regulations [WHS General Regulations]
  • Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations – applies to mining and mineral exploration operations [WHS Mines Regulations]
  • Work Health and Safety (Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Operations) Regulations – applies to onshore and offshore petroleum, pipeline and geothermal energy operations [WHS PAGEO Regulations].

The Statutory Supervisor sits within the WHS (Mines) Regulations, Schedule 26.

The Statutory Supervisor

If you work in mining, your professional development starts at the first-line leader role of supervisor. This role comprises two units of competency from within the Business Services (BSB) Training Package:

  1. BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
  2. BSBWHS414 Contribute to WHS risk management

The focus within the WHS legislative requirement is on sound risk management and competent supervisory capability.

The Regulator

The WA regulator is keen to ensure this position and associated professional development provides an uptick in supervisor capability within the mining sector of WA.

Note: The regulator is yet to settle if the risk unit will come from within the Business Services (BSB) or Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) training package. That is, the risk unit will either be the BSBWHS414 Contribute to WHS risk management OR RIIRIS402E Carry out the risk management process. We have both units on scope and have mapped both to the delivery/learning content. Your learning is safe with us.

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS)

The two units from the Statutory Supervisor form part of the Cert IV qualification. So, it makes sense to continue building your capability; two units down, eight to go.

This qualification comprises 10 units of competency; five core and five elective and builds your frontline leader capability through a focus on work, health and safety. In simple but sound leadership terms it introduces you to the three core components of a frontline leader role:


Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

By now, the whole people thing is likely to be of more interest than ever before. Thoughts like how do I build sound relationships, what are the leadership characteristics I need to hold, how do I expand my capability around the three key components: show up, play nicely and get the job done? What else do I need to know and embed into my being? How do I build the capability of my team?

This is when it starts to become obvious that in order to build great relationships with others, I first need to sort my relationship with me.

Leadership requires you to shine a spotlight on you. The lessons are ALL about you.

Which brings us to …


Wellness means a lot more than simply not being sick. There are many wellness models, rich in information and universally recognised. We use the model of 9-dimensions. That is, there are nine aspects of us that need focus and nourishment. These are: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, financial, creative, and environmental. As you explore these dimensions, you open yourself up to a whole set of new possibilities and potential. Life becomes better. You become more content and able to deal with everything life dishes up. Drama gone.


This final perspective is taken from the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs model.

Self-actualisation is the complete realisation of our own potential, and the full development of our capability and appreciation for life. The realisation of our potential manifests in contentedness, resilience, great relationships (with all and many), ability to resolve issues, and a deep knowing that everything always works out for me.


Turn the triangle on its head

When you get to the Self-actualised part, you will quickly realise the triangle can be turned on its head.  That is, once you resolve your relationship with you everything else falls into place.

In summary, you can embark on a learning and development path using the model above – bottom up OR top down.

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